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I wished I could show you guys my really, really ancient, silly, ugly journal that had too much crack in it. Haaha!! But unfortunately, I've forgotten my old username (ARUGH, MY EXAMS STOLE MY BRAIN). Haha!!! I didn't know when I started to love yaoi too, but I think it could be related to the yaoi-mangas I bought a long time ago which I though was shoujo BUT IT HAPPENED and life has been interesting since. XD

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Bleh [10/17/07]
[ mood | calm ]

Blargggggg!! Oh well, school has started and this semester's lectures aren't the best. in fact, they're downright boring Been doodling all over my lec notes, then afterwards smacked by my friends who need to make a copy of it. XD Haha! Too bad!! XD Been ending around 8pm these few days & blah, I haven't had the time to check my emails.

Anyway, here's a Bleach Quiz stolen from joymaro


I was tempted to change my gender to Male... XD

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Save me! [10/14/07]
[ mood | aggravated ]


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AHHH! [10/13/07]
[ mood | blah ]

Ho Hum.

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XD [10/13/07]
[ mood | calm ]

QUIZ HUR HURCollapse )

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Cup of Cucakes!! [10/08/07]
[ mood | hungry ]

Well, I did bake some cupcakes today and follow the cut for the photos!♥ ♥ ♥

Sticky Chocolate Cupakes YUMCollapse )

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Hmph! [10/08/07]
[ mood | bitchy ]


Yesterday, I left her in my room with my sketch portfolio to keep her amused while i went to the kitchen to grab us some chips and...

she decided to be handy with a marker...



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Yaoi Tour?! [10/07/07]
[ mood | amused ]

Fujoshi Paradise Yaoi Tour

Shounen-ai, boys' love, yaoi - this rose by any name would smell as sweet. And Pop Japan Travel is about to take you into the secret garden of bishonen with our first ever yaoi tour: Fujoshi Paradise.

Simply heaven on Earth for the bishonen fan, this tour takes you to the shopping wonderland of Otome Road, with multi-story doujinshi stores soaring to the sky, then for a sit down at not one but two yaoi cafes. But that's not all! You'll also have some private time with one of Digital Manga Publishing's most famous yaoi artists, and a late-night bishonen dance show guaranteed to make you go ga-ga -- some of them may be playing women, but all the dancers are toned, smooth-skinned men!

More info here: http://popjapantravel.com/tours/2008_yaoi.html



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FF CRISIS CORE [10/06/07]
[ mood | awake ]

FINAL FANTASY CRISIS CORE HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (On 9/13 actually)

What have I been doing?!

Characters include: Zack, Sephiroth, hints of Cloud, Aerith & 2 very SEXAY characters.

Spoilers: YUP
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OH SHIT [10/05/07]
[ mood | distressed ]


It's not in my sketchbook, artbook or folder. Have been turning my room upside down but I still can't find it. OH NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! ;_______________________________________;
Even though it looks like crap, it's my first fanart and it's so precious to me. Oh god, I even looked through all my year books to see if I had accidentally stuck it there. ARUGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A BOOK MEME [10/05/07]
[ mood | cold ]

Book meme I stole from mymonkeypjs_fic who stole it from chibinecco

& I did it because I was bored. XD

bold what you have read
italicize what you started but didn't or couldn’t finish
strike through what you couldn’t stand
underline those on your to-read list
Add an asterisk* to those you’ve read more than once

On to the MEMECollapse )

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[ mood | crazy ]

MEME?Collapse )

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OUT OUT OUT!!! [09/29/07]
[ mood | bouncy ]

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KH Cosplay [09/27/07]
[ mood | contemplative ]

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AnimeNEXT 2007: Naruto skit [09/27/07]
[ mood | energetic ]

AHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAAA!!!!! You'll find the most interesting videos on youtube when you are bored.

KakaIru & a very persuasive Gai: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmrplmt2JPQ
And this is AWESOME: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrLwSTQGifY 

Parasite GOD

One of the best Halibel Cosplayers [09/25/07]
If you don't know who is Halibel, I won't spoil it for you, but know that she is one of the characters from Bleach.

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ARUGH [09/25/07]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So I was playing my new favourite game because I'm that bored.

After playing it approximately 150+++ times, I get this kind of results:

Parasite GOD

For those of you who have not seen this yet, PLEASE DO. AHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! You won't be disappointed!! XD

The most awesome KAKASHI COSPLAY PERFORMANCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_O6HE5rqFg
Ahahahahahaha!!!!! *SCREAMS (Is a Kakashi Fangirl)

And something that will break your brain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZBA0SKmQy8
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FFAC Artbook [09/17/07]
[ mood | chipper ]


I've finally found it!!! Went crazy in the shop, cause it was sold out everywhere else. Will probably purchase Salty Dog tomorrow.

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Need sleep now.

Parasite GOD

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